This working group invites artists, scholars, activists, community leaders and cultural workers to think otherwise about questions of Indigeneity, solidarity, and border crossings. We invite participants to engage with the Indigenous-settler binary to explore how relationships of diaspora, migration, settler responsibility, and solidarity can be reimagined while remaining rooted in site specificity. Together we will visit various community spaces in order to explore how physical sites work in conversation with performative strategies to enable, sustain, and feed these relationships. We will reflect on how settler states in the Americas can be characterized by various forms of social theatre and how Indigenous and non-Indigenous allies have laboured to creatively and emotionally perform against it. We welcome participants and cultural practitioners to reflect on the ethical tensions and entry points that arise when engaging with indigeneity through performance. Together we will also address the questions: What is the creative work of settler colonialism? What might the creative work of decolonial performances look like? How do we create and sustain meaningful relationships with each other and with the lands upon which we dwell? How do virtual spaces complicate the notion of site specificity? How can we meaningfully work towards reconciliation from complex and complicated subject positions? (How) are these positions embodied, enacted, and performed? What kinds of responsibility do these relationships require?