Through multilingual conversation, movement practices, vocalization, and other creative exercises we will explore the interlocking themes of Body, Space and Identity. Collaboratively, we will create an artistic intervention that unsettles the notion of fixed borders as the primary way we build our subjectivities. What does it mean to unsettle our geographies, our genders, our sexualities, our nationalities, our races, our ages, our abilities, our desires to “get it” and understand linguistically? What new spaces of creative possibility open when we don’t begin with a language—whether corporeal or discursive—in common? How do we create practices of, and spaces for, intimacy as a group of “strangers?” How do we practice being present in the unknown?

There might be costumes, opera, monologues, sculptures, performances, readings, dance parties…the world(s) we construct will be determined by the intersecting questions, desires, and practices of the participants. That said, this workshop is not limited to those with an already pre-existing artistic practice. We ask only that you show up with an open mind and a curiosity about creative collaboration.

Pre-Convergence, we will host a virtual sharing of materials—small texts, visuals, sounds—that stimulate our imaginations.

At Convergence, we will collaboratively contaminate and dismantle our ways of meaning-making through games, exercises, interventions and rituals. While much of our communication will happen through the body, we also will engage in conversations in a variety of different spoken languages—bring whichever one(s) you have—we will probably invent others—and a sense of humor.