Entering Canada

Non-Canadians may need an electronic travel authorization or Visa to enter Canada if coming from abroad. Please consult this link to find out more about the travel documents required to visit Canada: https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/


Toronto Airports:

Billy Bishop Airport is a small airport on Toronto Island. It services flights between Toronto and many major cities in the Eastern parts of Canada and the North Eastern United States. Use airport code YTZ when booking your flight to this airport.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is located approximately 31 km outside of Toronto’s downtown core. It has two terminals (Terminal 1 and Terminal 3) and services flights from pretty much everywhere. There is a monorail track between the two terminals. Use airport code YYZ when booking your flight to this airport.


Transportation from the Airports

From Billy Bishop Airport can be undertaken by TTC public transit or taxi

  • Taxi: A taxi stand can be found just outside the mainland terminal
  • TTC: There is also a complimentary shuttle bus that runs between the mainland terminal and Union Station, where you can connect to the TTC subway line


Transportation from Pearson can be undertaken from Taxi, TTC Public Transit or UP (Union-Pearson) Express Train

  • Taxi: A taxi from the Airport to downtown will cost approximately $60CAD.  Taxis are available at all terminal drop off/pick up zones. As they are expensive, we do not recommend using them to get to the city.
  • TTC: You can catch the 192 Airport Rocket bus on the lowest level of either terminal (column R4 in terminal 1, columns C8-C12 in terminal 3). At Kipling subway station (the last stop on the bus), transfer to the eastbound Bloor/Danforth. Kipling has elevators and escalators. As Kipling is the end of the line, downtown trains leave from either side of the platform.
  • UP Express: This train departs every 15 minutes, and travels directly from Pearson Airport to Union Station. The UP Express also makes a stop at Bloor Station, which may be closer to certain accommodations. From either Bloor (which is beside the Dundas West subway station) or Union it is easy to catch the subway. The UP Express costs between $5.65 and $12.00 CAD one-way, according to your destination. More information, may be found at https://www.upexpress.com 


Getting Around Toronto

The best way to get around Toronto is by public transit: The TTC. The best thing that can be said about the TTC is that it is usually mostly reliable and works quite well. One-way fare (transfer permitted) is $3.25CAD cash. Buses and streetcars will only take exact change, so be sure to have the proper coins. You may also purchase and use tokens (1 token is the equivalent of the $3.25 fare), available at subway stations and various other convenience stores such as Shopper’s Drug Mart. Day passes ($12.50) are also available but only worth it if traveling by transit at least 4 times in one day. Be sure to always accept a transfer (even if not transferring) as Proof-of-Payment in the event TTC officials do a ticket check. Please note: not all subway stations are accessible and not all streetcar lines are accessible.