This workgroup/shop seeks to explore the concepts of hostility and hospitality within the intersections of space, sensoriality, urban life, perception, representation, and relational art. We want to problematize the legitimacy of the map as a domination technique by contrasting it with individual and subjective cartographies that allow a relationship with the city not structured by urban planning. We are interested in exploring the embodied experience of an urban space through the senses (hearing and sight mostly, but also smell, touch, and taste), using the sensory walk as a research tool on experience and identification of cultural codes. These techniques will allow us to recognize the gestures of urban life, its dynamics and temporalities. What is the imprint of the city on the human body and its gestures? How to document or intervene in spaces marked by certain subjectivities in/of the city (hostile places, places of desire, etc.) in relation to social, economic or political aspects? Is an ethical approach to social dynamics possible through sensory immersion? Our methodology and work dynamic will focus on the embodied and sensorial experience through the compilation, re-interpretation and intervention of audio-visual documents (mainly maps, photos, audio clips and video).